Alaina Alexander pulls an Antonella Barba

Apparently American Idol got sick of choosing people with actual singing talent, and started selecting girls who like to take off their clothes instead. Which is bad news for the music industry, but good news for my pants. It means they get some extra time off while I browse the net for even more pictures of hot American Idol rejects, like these of Alaina Alexander from her MySpace. Maybe the new trend will be that whenever a girl gets kicked off the show, she does a photoshoot like this. Which might make me actually start watching the show.

Will Ferrell is trying to be funny

Will Ferrell trying to be funny. Except he seems to think that “funny” is acting flamboyant and whiney — you know, the same way he acts in every tv show/movie that he’s in. Anyway, this video is supposed to be promoting some new site called, which is basically a YouTube clone. And the promotion might work if this video wasn’t actually uploaded to YouTube in order to promote FunnyOrDie. But then again, comedians that choose to wear wigs like the one he rocks in this video obviously don’t have the greatest idea of what’s intelligent, so I guess we should at least give him credit for not accidently slapping a YouTube logo in the corner instead.