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Building Luxury Homes for the Affluent

It cannot be denied that rich people have discriminating tastes and they usually want the best things they can get simply because they can afford it.  For the affluent, nothing beats a show of their wealth than having a luxury home.  While they may not necessarily boast about it, to see the awe of other […]

Zac Efron dresses like your grandfather

Can someone please tell me who convinced the stars of Hollywood that dressing like a 90-year-old is considered stylish? Because as far as I can recall, wearing something that looks that stupid in high school would have been grounds for a beatdown. I guess without that real-world training, celebrities wear whatever they’re told to. And […]

Since when does Winona Ryder have cleavage?

Um, was there kind of sale on boob jobs in Hollywood recently? First Paris Hilton was caught sporting some cleavage, then Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boobs suddenly grew three sizes, and now this. Not that I can complain, but it’s just a bit of a shock when you’ve been looking at the same three galleries of Jessica […]

Nick Carter and Aaron Carter are manly

If you ever wanted to see Nick Carter whining and complaining like a little girl that Aaron Carter’s music is too loud, this is your chance. I haven’t seen this much diva attitude since RuPaul presented at the VMA’s a few years back. The best part is when Nick slams the door and apparently “fights” […]

Britney Spears wearing hot pants and showing off her new body

Apparently that liposuction worked out better than intended, becauseBritney Spears has been wearing skimpier and skimpier outfits lately. In fact, some of them even rival the types of things she wore before she hadSean Preston Federline. Like yesterday, when she was seen out and about in Los Angeles wearing fishnet stockings and hot pants. And […]