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The 79th Annual Academy Awards / Oscars were last night

Um, so until about five minutes ago, I thought the Academy Awards and the Oscars were two different awards shows, and that Cameron Diazsomehow used the power of fug to appear at both of them. Anyway, I meant to watch them (and by “tried”, I mean “intentionally hid the remote so that I’d actually have […]

Akon dry-humps 14 year olds

So here’s a video from a recent Akon concert where he apparently told people in the audience that if they get up on stage and dance, they can compete for a chance to go to Africa (?). And it turned into him dry-humping some 14 year old for a minute or so, as depicted in […]

Miss Universe passes out

So this chick, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, won Miss Universe, and promptly passed out a couple minutes later. I guess she was so excited from winning the pageant that she forgot to keep from sufficating herself by taking her hands away from her face. Of course, her rep said that “everything’s fine” and that she passed […]

Will Ferrell is trying to be funny

Will Ferrell trying to be funny. Except he seems to think that “funny” is acting flamboyant and whiney — you know, the same way he acts in every tv show/movie that he’s in. Anyway, this video is supposed to be promoting some new site called FunnyOrDie.com, which is basically a YouTube clone. And the promotion […]

Since when does Ashlee Simpson have boobs?

Every time I see new pictures of Ashlee Simpson, she looks more and more like a porn star. And not the classy, oh-look-at-me-I-just-posed-in-Playboy kind of porn star. I’m talking hard core, alley-way, crap-you-can-only-find-on-foreign-Russian-websites kind of porn star. And when did she get boobs? Wasn’t she supposed to be the frumpy, hideous sister out of the […]