Akon dry-humps 14 year olds

So here’s a video from a recent Akon concert where he apparently told people in the audience that if they get up on stage and dance, they can compete for a chance to go to Africa (?). And it turned into him dry-humping some 14 year old for a minute or so, as depicted in this video. I’m not sure how a contest for an African vacation turns into dry-humping, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a lawsuit involved in the near future.

Alanis Morissette singing “My Humps”

Um, so here’s a video of Alanis Morissette singing “My Humps” by theBlack Eyed Peas. And sadly, I thought it couldn’t be sung any worse thanFergie. But congratulations, Alanis, you have proven me wrong. I think the idea of the video is some kind of social commentary about how women are objectified or something like that, but all it did was remind me how retarded Fergie’s songs are.

Zac Efron dresses like your grandfather

Can someone please tell me who convinced the stars of Hollywood that dressing like a 90-year-old is considered stylish? Because as far as I can recall, wearing something that looks that stupid in high school would have been grounds for a beatdown. I guess without that real-world training, celebrities wear whatever they’re told to. And then their stylists high-five eachother after it and laugh about how, when they went to high school, nobody understood their amazing sense of fashion.

Miss Universe passes out


So this chick, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, won Miss Universe, and promptly passed out a couple minutes later. I guess she was so excited from winning the pageant that she forgot to keep from sufficating herself by taking her hands away from her face. Of course, her rep said that “everything’s fine” and that she passed out from being dizzy and wearing a beaded dress, whatever that means.

Since when does Winona Ryder have cleavage?

Um, was there kind of sale on boob jobs in Hollywood recently? First Paris Hilton was caught sporting some cleavage, then Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boobs suddenly grew three sizes, and now this. Not that I can complain, but it’s just a bit of a shock when you’ve been looking at the same three galleries of Jessica Simpson’s breasts for the past year, and now you suddenly have to make room for more celebrity boobage on your hard drive.