Sarah Harding models Ultimo bikinis and lingerie

Sarah Harding (arguably the hottest chick from singing group Girls Aloud) decided to do some modeling for Ultimo bikini’s and lingerie, and I couldn’t be more happy that she did. In a recent statement about being chosen as the new Ultimo model, Sarah said:

Miami was amazing! I had a great time shooting the gorgeous new Ultimo lingerie. The locations we shot in were fantastic – first in a $25 million dollar house and then on a $5 million yacht. I am not a supermodel like all the other previous Ultimo models so I worked really hard to look the best I possibly could. This was my first ever shoot abroad and it was really hard work but also so much fun. Ultimo is now the biggest designer lingerie brand in the UK – all the celebs love it and I am so proud to be associated with the brand. It’s a great range for this Spring/Summer, with something to suit everyone. The best bit is after the shoot when I get to take all the lingerie home with me!

I don’t know why the company hasn’t become a huge success over here in the US yet, but now that this chick is promoting them I’m sure it will have a huge spike in popularity.