Mandy Moore doesn’t like Fez


I don’t think that I ever reported it (if your show’s title contains ebonics in it, I have no interest in posting news about you), but apparently Wilmer Valderrama recently went on Howard Stern and bragged about how big his weiner was, how many famous women he’s slept with, and he was the first person to sleep with Mandy Moore.

But now, she’s fighting back:

Singer/actress Mandy Moore has hit back at claims she lost her virginity to actor Wilmer Valderrama, insisting he’s lying about his conquest.

The actor appeared on the raunchy Howard Stern radio show last month, and talked explicitly about his love life.

Valderrama boasted he was the first to sleep with the “Candy” singer and also claimed to have had sex with Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Moore maintains the claim is “”utterly tacky, not even true, and it hurt my feelings because I like him.””

Jennifer Love Hewitt has also lashed out at the That ‘70s Show star, saying, “I was told that we had all these very steamy encounters and I was like, ‘Really! Well, I would have loved to have been there!’”

I’m not sure if these women are telling the truth, but if I were a girl, I definitely wouldn’t want to admit I slept with someone like Wilmer. Then again, I wouldn’t have the lapse in judgement to do it in the first place. Maybe he’ll retaliate with some home video footage and we’ll have a new celebrity sex tape starring Wilmer Valderrama, Mandy Moore, andJennifer Love Hewitt.

Will Ferrell is trying to be funny

Will Ferrell trying to be funny. Except he seems to think that “funny” is acting flamboyant and whiney — you know, the same way he acts in every tv show/movie that he’s in. Anyway, this video is supposed to be promoting some new site called, which is basically a YouTube clone. And the promotion might work if this video wasn’t actually uploaded to YouTube in order to promote FunnyOrDie. But then again, comedians that choose to wear wigs like the one he rocks in this video obviously don’t have the greatest idea of what’s intelligent, so I guess we should at least give him credit for not accidently slapping a YouTube logo in the corner instead.

Nick Carter and Aaron Carter are manly

If you ever wanted to see Nick Carter whining and complaining like a little girl that Aaron Carter’s music is too loud, this is your chance. I haven’t seen this much diva attitude since RuPaul presented at the VMA’s a few years back. The best part is when Nick slams the door and apparently “fights” Aaron, except that when we see them again neither one has a bruise or fat lip or anything. At the rate this show is going, I would assume that the next episode will end with Nick snuggling up under his Lilo & Stitch covers while Aaron turns on his Kim Possible night light.

And on a completely random note, since when does Aaron Carter look 30?

Sarah Harding models Ultimo bikinis and lingerie

Sarah Harding (arguably the hottest chick from singing group Girls Aloud) decided to do some modeling for Ultimo bikini’s and lingerie, and I couldn’t be more happy that she did. In a recent statement about being chosen as the new Ultimo model, Sarah said:

Miami was amazing! I had a great time shooting the gorgeous new Ultimo lingerie. The locations we shot in were fantastic – first in a $25 million dollar house and then on a $5 million yacht. I am not a supermodel like all the other previous Ultimo models so I worked really hard to look the best I possibly could. This was my first ever shoot abroad and it was really hard work but also so much fun. Ultimo is now the biggest designer lingerie brand in the UK – all the celebs love it and I am so proud to be associated with the brand. It’s a great range for this Spring/Summer, with something to suit everyone. The best bit is after the shoot when I get to take all the lingerie home with me!

I don’t know why the company hasn’t become a huge success over here in the US yet, but now that this chick is promoting them I’m sure it will have a huge spike in popularity.

Britney Spears wearing hot pants and showing off her new body

Apparently that liposuction worked out better than intended, becauseBritney Spears has been wearing skimpier and skimpier outfits lately. In fact, some of them even rival the types of things she wore before she hadSean Preston Federline. Like yesterday, when she was seen out and about in Los Angeles wearing fishnet stockings and hot pants. And two months ago, you never would have been able to convince me that I’d be saying she actually looks halfway decent in them right now. Sure, her boobs are going all kinds of ways that don’t match the direction she’s going, but other than that she looks a million times better than she did before.

Since when does Ashlee Simpson have boobs?


Every time I see new pictures of Ashlee Simpson, she looks more and more like a porn star. And not the classy, oh-look-at-me-I-just-posed-in-Playboy kind of porn star. I’m talking hard core, alley-way, crap-you-can-only-find-on-foreign-Russian-websites kind of porn star. And when did she get boobs? Wasn’t she supposed to be the frumpy, hideous sister out of the Simpson’s? At this rate, she’s a couple of crotch-shots away from being the next Paris Hilton. Sure, a much, much hotter version, but aParis Hilton doppleganger nonetheless.